Livestock Insurance Managers Livestock Division is backed by 25 years of livestock and insurance experience, bringing a wealth of knowledge and ability to the industry today. We understand the need for efficient, comprehensive, and affordable insurance in the Livestock industry. At Livestock Insurance Managers we can offer a Stand-alone policy with a broad spectrum of coverage. Our claims payout turn around is quick and efficient so we can get you back up and running as soon as possible. With the ever-changing livestock market and the need to remain competitive in any farm business operation, Livestock Insurance Managers understands the needs and requirements of both the small family farm and the large commercial operation.

Here are some of the species we cover:

Bovine Swine
Canine Giraffe
Feline Zebra
Equine Exotics
Mink Zoo
Musk Ox  

If it's livestock we can insure it...

Basic types of coverage we have to offer:

All Risks of Mortality (ARM) Bull Breeding Infertility Extensions available:

Accident Sickness & Disease (ASD)
Broad Form Infertility (BF)
Restricted Perils (RP) Stallion Infertility Extension
Transit (including cross country and overseas) 4-H Livestock Clubs
Stand Alone coverage for confined feeding operations/dairies/specialty livestock

Livestock Transit

Livestock Insurance Managers is able to provide a wide range of coverage for livestock in transit, everything from a single animal moving from a sale facility or breeder to the family farm to full loads of livestock moving across the country.

Transit Coverage

For ARM (excluding Government Slaughter) moving animals:

Farm to Farm
Farm to Pasture
Show & Transit Coverage

For short term ARM (excluding Government Slaughter and losses due to breeding injuries) moving animals:

Farm to Show or Exhibition Facility and duration of that show

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is All Risks of Mortality? (ARM)
Coverage for death resulting from accident, illness, injury, or disease.

What is Restricted Perils? (RP)
Cover for death of animals as a result of but not limited to an insured peril such as fire, lightening, vehicle collision, flood, and perils insured listed on the policy wordings.

What is Accidental External Injury?
When an insured animal suffers an accidental external injury and a qualified Veterinarian has given a certificate that the suffering of the animal is incurable and so excessive that immediate destruction is imperative for humane reasons. (Does not include breeding accidents.)

What is the Bull Breeding Extension?
This is available in conjunction with an All Risks of Mortality policy and covers total and permanent infertility or incapability of getting stock due to accident, illness, injury, or disease.

What is Business Interruption? (BI)
Normally attached to an ARM or RP policy BI will provide coverage for loss of income or additional cost incurred as a result of the death of the animals insured.

What is Government Slaughter?
In the event of a disease outbreak a Government request/order may be issued for the humane destruction of any animals affected. It is a standard practice to exclude Government Slaughter from basic coverage; however an extension to a policy is available in certain circumstances.

How do I get a quote on my livestock?
Contact our office at 1-306-244-8181

What information will I need to provide?
We require the details as follows:
Period of Insurance
Type of coverage required
Type of Animal
Description of Use
Form of Identification (Registration Number, Brand, Ear Tattoo, Microchip ID, Registration papers)

Are there any deductibles?
Deductibles are available on most policies with a total insured value of $100,000.00 or more.

What is Co-insurance?
All animals declared on a policy must be insured for the actual cash value of each animal and may be subject to justification of value. In the event of under insurance for an item on a policy a co-insurance formula is used to calculate the value of the loss.

What is “Subject to Justification of Value”?
In the event of a loss for an item listed on a policy, proof of value may be required to justify a claim. I.E. race records, show records, registration papers, purchase invoices, breed show results, monies won, and semen records