Claims Assistance

Click here to view your responsibilities in the event of a claim. Insured Responsibility

Livestock Insurance Managers has a 24 hour Claims Assistance Service. We work with you and your Veterinarian to ensure that all animals in a claims situation are handled in an efficient and humane manner. Top priority is given to animal welfare including support and recommendations for salvage, recovery, gathering and hospitalization.

Claims processing begins immediately after an incident or death has been reported.

If you have a claim, or think you may have a claim, call the following numbers immediately for instructions. For all claims under All Risks of Mortality coverage, a Vet report or post-mortem must be submitted. DO NOT dispose of the animal’s remains until permission has been received by the Company.

It is recommended that all insured parties read their policy documents and have a clear understanding of what is expected of them in the event of a loss.

Filing Your Claim

Contact your Broker about your loss. If the loss or damage is an emergency, you may contact your broker or the nearest Livestock Insurance Managers office to report your claim. Be sure to leave a contact name and phone number.

Keep a record of your expenses and correspondence. Also retain copies of whatever documents and correspondence we provide to you.

Claims Assistance

After Hours Emergency Claims 780-349-1072
Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:30 call 780-733-7719
Fax 780-733-7724

Email: Click here to email your claim.